family discount club - family membership

This program offers one immediate family discounted sessions for a one time fee.  There are no sessions included in the club cost, but has great benefits for joining.  The initial Investment is $399.  This membership does not expire and does not renew annually.  There is only one initial, one time fee.  Membership must be used once every two years to remain active.
Included in this Membership:
  • Discounted Session Pricing
  • Downloadable Files and Print Release
  • Online Gallery Viewing and Ordering
  • Discounted Extended Family Session
  • Special Member's Only Sessions at Reduced Pricing

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Once the membership is purchased for a one time fee, the following sessions will be priced as follows:
  • Maternity Session $99.00
  • Infant Session $199.00
  • Single Child Outdoor Session $99.00
  • Birthday Session $129.00
  • Cake Smash Session $169.00
  • Outdoor Children or Family Session $199.00
  • Extended Family Session - $299.00
  • Senior Pictures  $500