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The WATCH ME GROW Infant package is a full year of 6 sessions paid at once at sign up.  Included in the package is the infant session, a 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 1 year and also one (1) separate family session.  Any or all sessions can be done in the studio, outside at the studio or outside on location within 15 miles.   All of these sessions include a downloadable online gallery for printing on your own.  A printable/downloadable print release is included in your gallery information.  A Maternity session can be added for $25 if interested.  Digital designs can be requested after each session is completed with no design fee.  Digital designs may be downloaded for printing along with your regular gallery images.  Current Family Membership members can purchase this package with $100 discount.  Your Family Membership must have been used within the last 2 years to qualify for the discounted price.

investment price: $579

creative fees are built into the package investment.





2-3 Hours

3,6,9 Month

30 minutes

A single child session with one or two outfits for 30 minutes.  A one hour session can be requested (or will be charged after your session if it takes longer) for an up-charge of $50. The upgraded session can be for just more outfits or it can include a group family photo and sibling photo if you would like.  Individual sibling photos are not included in this upgrade but can be done during your separate included family session.

12 Month

45 minutes

Baby's First Birthday Session.  This is a single child, One or Two outfit session somewhere around their first birthday.  A Cake session can be requested for an up-charge of $50.  The upgraded session will last an additional 30 minutes and will include the cake.


An individual Family session booked separate from any of the baby sessions.  Included is family poses, siblings, individual children and mom and dad.

1 Hour

This session is our longest and most patient session.  For baby and family, or just baby.  Recommended for your baby between 3 to 5 days old.  Typically done naked with wraps, but you can use anything you would like to include.  Dark solid colors will photograph best for family and sibling images with baby.  This session can last up to 3 hours long.